Jeffrey Bardwell


         dark epic fantasy author

The Author

Jeffrey Bardwell writes epic fantasy with elements of darkness, steampunk, and romance set in the Metal vs. Magic Universe. His character-driven books are guaranteed to include gritty realism, political intrigue, lurid entanglements, dry wit, and dragons in differing proportions. He devours fantasy and science fiction novels and is most comfortable basking near a warm wood stove. When not writing, Jeffrey enjoys cooking, gardening, and shooing baby dragons from the compost bin.

The author lives on a farm and in a prior life worked as a community ecologist. He is overfond of puns and alliterations. He is also an unabashed history and mythology enthusiast. You can discover more about Jeffrey and his fantasy universe here:

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A fairytale kingdom adjacent to the empire, which managed to retain its independence due their wizards' fearsome reputation, the mountains on the border, and the dragons infesting those mountains. Magic is considered a scholarly pursuit.

Glossary of Esoterica 

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